Why You Should Consider a Runnel as a Water Feature in Your Yard

Water features take on a variety of forms from casual ponds to more formal fountains and water gardens. When deciding on the appearance of your space, you should discuss what you would like with your landscape architect. A water runnel might be a feature to include in your space for a unique water feature that adds formality to your yard.

What Is a Runnel (Water Feature)?

A runnel is a concrete water channel that adds a more formal touch than a creek. These features are striking because they can be constructed at ground level, sunken, or above ground. Their design adds a focus to the landscape as a sculpture would, but you still get the movement of flowing water. Many designers add lights inside the runnel to boost their appearance after dark.

Why You Should Consider Adding a Runnel as a Water Feature

Adding a runnel to your landscape gives you a more classical alternative to a creek in your space. The concrete construction of runnels turns these simple water features into sculpted artworks. Plus, the simple lines of runnels can direct the eye toward specific areas of your yard.

Examples of Runnels in the Landscape

A great example of a runnel producing a line of focus is in this Benedict Canyon landscape designed by Mark Scott. The runnel draws the eye down the space to the fountain at the end. Lights inside the runnel ensure that it continues to work as a focal point at all times of the day or night.

Another view of a runnel in the same home’s yard shows the line created to the outdoor dining area. This runnel also transforms a narrow side space that would otherwise go unused into a comfortable sitting area with benches along the water feature and trees to provide shade.

Contact Mark Scott Associates for Professional Landscape Architecture Design of Your Outdoors

Whether you choose to have a runnel as your water feature or not, you still should consult with a professional landscape architect to have your yard expertly designed. Contact Mark Scott Associates for professional design and the right advice on the best plants, hardscape elements, and water features for your yard.