Why Mediterranean Style Landscaping Is Popular?

A Mediterranean style is a popular option for landscape architecture, especially in places such as California. The popularity of this style likely comes from many reasons. For instance, it fits well with homes that use a Mediterranean style architecture, which is common in highly populated Southern California. Plus, it incorporates means of saving water in the landscape and creating naturally cool spaces outdoors.

Fits with Mediterranean Architecture of Homes

In the sunny south of California, many homes use stucco-covered exterior walls and tiled roofs common in Mediterranean architecture. These elements adapt to warm settings well because the light-coloring of the stucco on the exterior of homes helps to reflect the sun’s heat. Heavy tiled roofs protect insulate the home from excessive heat. Fitting these styles of homes with landscape architecture to match them creates a seamless transition from inside the home to outside the house. 

Uses Drought-Tolerant Plants

One of the hallmarks of Mediterranean landscaping is the use of drought-tolerant plants. Plants that don’t require as much water reduce your need to waste water for gardening. Plus, if you live in a warm, dry climate, they adapt better to the natural conditions.

Plus, Mediterranean plants don’t require you to rely only on succulents to have a yard with lower water needs. Several types of plants have adapted to needing less water, including pomegranate, lavender, cypress trees, and rock rose.

Creates Cool Spaces to Retreat to During the Heat of the Day

Many people use their yards to host gatherings with friends and family. Mediterranean style spaces often have cool enclaves or other spots to offer protection from the heat of the day. These spaces usually have coverings to provide shade or partial shade.

One good example of this is the dining and seating area at Benedict Canyon. A pergola covers the dining area to allow filtered sunlight on the table during evening meals. The living space has more protection from the elements with a solid-roofed pavilion. Open sides still allow for fresh air and breezes to enhance the comfort of the spot.

Find Out If a Mediterranean Style Landscape Is Right for Your Home with a Consultation with Mark Scott Associates

Is your home’s location and style suited to Mediterranean landscape architecture? Ask a professional. Contact Mark Scott Associates for a professionally designed space around your home. Mark Scott’s knowledge of various hardscape and softscape elements of landscape design allows him to find the perfect components to fit with how you use your yard and to match your home’s appearance. Check out examples of his work in the portfolio to see possible options for your home.