Why Have Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces should harmoniously merge furnishings, plantings, and architectural accents together. This combination is not easy to achieve. However, when professionally designed, an outdoor space can serve as a natural addition to the home that unites the interior and exterior of the home.

Professional Outdoor Living Spaces Overcome Many Issue 

Too often, homeowners refuse to have professionally designed outside spaces. They think they can create the right look themselves. However, with the right professional help the difference is night and day and the environment you create can be completely transformed. Professional landscape architects can solve the most common and the most difficult problems encountered with creating outdoor areas for dining or living. For example, Mark Scott had to solve a problem with a narrow backyard by getting creative with forming a means of reducing strong sunlight and providing privacy.

Creates a Connection to the Environment

Outdoor seating, dining, swimming, and other types of spaces bring people closer to the environment. By having natural plants surrounding them in their outdoor areas, they can enjoy the relaxation provided by greenery and the oxygen-producing benefits of plants.

Plus, with an outdoor landscape, the plants can serve other purposes, such as filtering light, blocking unappealing views, or providing privacy. Outdoor living areas can make it easier to get outside and enjoy fresh air and greenery without leaving home.

Provides an Extension of the Home

Lastly, outdoor spaces can expand the home. Living areas don’t have to be inside the walls of the home. By having professionally designed outdoor spaces, those in the home can spend time outside as readily as they would any other room of the home. Adding outdoor lounge areas increase the useable square footage of the home without building an addition.

Let Mark Scott Associates Inc. Create Your Outdoor Living Spaces and Improve Your Landscape Design

Get the outdoor living spaces that you will want to use all year long. Contact us at Mark Scott Associates Inc. to connect with a professional landscape architect to design your ideal living areas outside. Plus, check out the portfolio to see other samples of outdoor spaces transformed into living areas.