Why Choose a Professional Landscape Architect?

Not every design project should rely solely on an individual’s tastes. A famous catch phrase of Mark’s is “you supply the ingredients, and I’ll bake the cake”, and then he says” I may have to bake the cake a few times”. Landscape architecture is one such area because the design of this space impacts the homeowner’s lifestyle, the beauty of the surrounding area, existing architecture, and the sustainability of the landscape. Therefore, choosing a professional landscape architect allows a perfect balance among these three attributes to achieve a perfect outdoor space for homes, businesses, and more.

How a Landscape Architect Improves Outdoor Living Areas

Part of what a landscape architect does is think of the best new ways for that area to make the outdoors a exciting, unique, and comfortable livable space for the family and friends to enjoy.. Outdoor living areas can be more than a simple seating area. Imagine outdoor living rooms that include kitchens, dining areas, fireplaces, water features, and natural flora for a comfortable space. For example, Mark Scott took a space at a home in Shady Arbor and transformed one portion into a comfortable, luxurious outdoor dining area. Another portion of the same property, he transformed into this relaxed living space.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal appearance for homes and businesses is important to both the property value and a successful business. For example, the appearance of this home on Hidden Oaks Drive has enhanced curb appeal thanks to the lavish design of its landscape.

Sustainable Design

A landscape architect can also integrate sustainable options into their designs. These options may include using native plants or reducing waste from water features. Expert knowledge of design, plant attributes and water requirements, and gardening are only some of the many things landscape architects draw from when creating sustainably designed spaces.

Connect with Mark Scott Associates Inc. for a Professional Landscape Architect

Better outdoor living, curb appeal, and a more sustainable design are within your reach when you trust a professional landscape architect. A member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Mark Scott has professionalism, experience, and an eye for creating stunning residential and commercial landscapes. Connect with Mark Scott Associates Inc. to find out more about having a professional landscape architect work on your property.