Who Was Roberto Burle Marx and How Did His Work Influence Patterns in Landscape?

Landscape architects can cite many sources for their inspiration. Among these is the work of Roberto Burle Marx. This extraordinary artist is hailed by the American Institute of Architects as the true designer behind the modern garden. He pioneered many of the now-common outdoor design standards found in yards and gardens today. Without him, landscape architecture would look very different.

Who Was Roberto Burle Marx?

Roberto Burle Marx was a prolific artist who worked with media as varied as plants, paints, sculptures, and more to create designs in landscape and on canvas. Today, landscape architects praise him for his work using natural plants and manmade elements to create geometric or abstract “paintings” on the ground.

Additionally, Burle Marx carefully studied and used the native flora of his home country of Brazil in his works. More than 50 species of plants bear his name due to his promotion of the Amazonian rainforest and its plants. However, he also embraced finding and using plants from around the world in his work to create his patterns in the landscape, as long as they grew well in the area.

The Impact of Burle Marx on Landscape Architecture

You can still see examples of Burle Marx’s work in the patterns along the Flamenco and Copacabana Beach promenades in Brazil. In the United States, he famously created the mosaic designs embedded along Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.

His prolific works included both public and private garden commissions. His use of colorful walkways, installing tropical plants as structural elements, choosing free-form water features, planting beds with one type of plant for bold color, and breaking the tradition of symmetrical patterns in the landscape. He used mosaics, tiles, and more to blend natural and manmade elements in his work, which formed the modern way landscape architects approach garden design today.

Examples of Burle Marx Influenced Design

The lasting impact of Burle Marx cannot be understated. Whenever you see works that blend bold colors and shapes into artistic landscapes, you see his influence. For instance, look for living walls that move color from the ground to a vertical plane. In fact, almost any type of modern landscape design has Burle Marx’s hand in it.

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