What Are Garden Boxes and Why Should You Use Them?

Garden boxes are practical and beautiful features in your landscape. Boxes don’t even have to be standalone plant pots. These containers range in size and design based on their use. Your landscape architect may use garden boxes in designing your yard to achieve a space that benefits from natural growth without plants overtaking your walkways.

What Are Garden Boxes?

Garden boxes are also known as raised beds. These containers may be permanent fixtures created from stones, bricks, wood, or other materials to hold the soil or standalone elements such as large pots. The main feature of raised beds is how they raise the soil level and the plants growing in them to create tiers of growth in the environment.

Where to Use Raised Beds in the Landscape

Garden boxes work well throughout the landscape. Your landscape architect may use these along paths to contain plants and prevent them from growing over walkways or near water elements or pools for the same reason. These boxes also work exceptionally well if you want to take a hands-on approach to a garden in your yard.

Benefits of Garden Boxes

Garden boxes have several benefits. First, they don’t require tilling the native soil, and they hold the soil in place to prevent it from washing away in heavy rains.

Another perk of raised beds is their ability to raise the soil level to reduce the effort needed for watering and weeding. However, because the boxes are contained, they are much less likely to have weeds in them than native soil.

Raised containers are important to landscape architects because they raise plants from foot level to a higher level. By choosing varying levels for the raised beds, landscape architects can create visually exciting spaces with color from plants and the materials used for the growing containers.

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