Waterfalls: Dynamic Ways to Add Sound and Beauty to Your Landscape

Enhancing your landscape is not only a matter of using visual effects but also sound. Professional landscape architects appreciate the use of all the senses when designing yards and gardens. Integrating waterfalls into the landscape is one way to incorporate sight and sound in your space with a relaxing water feature.

Why Use Waterfalls in the Landscape?

Most people think of waterfalls as naturally occurring water features where water spills over a cliff. However, they can also be created in a landscape in a variety of ways. Like fountains, these features have a sound element of water splashing into a pool and a visual aspect of moving water. Used well, water features with falling water enhance the landscape with sound and motion in ways that many other elements cannot. 

Type of Waterfalls

These water features can have natural appearances with rocks and plants nearby. However, they can also be designed around manmade structures. For instance, fountains with heavy water flow closely resemble waterfalls. Water curtains are another form of these waterfalls that are dynamic and intriguing in the landscape.

Examples of These Water Features in the Landscape

Effective uses of falling water features include several projects done by Mark Scott Associates. For instance, in this yard, a hot tub adjacent to the swimming pool has a waterfall fountain flowing into it. The sound of falling water makes the experience of soaking in the hot tub even more relaxing.

Another example of these water features in the landscape is in this residence that includes a water curtain flowing into the zero-edge swimming pool. The water curtain also creates a visual separation of spaces.

Lastly, this sketch for lawn terraces uses a river of water that starts from a fountain and flows down each level in a series of waterfalls. This design breaks up the large expanse of each of the steps up the terraces and creates one of the most dramatic uses of this feature in the landscape.

Get Well-Placed Water Features in Your Landscape with Mark Scott Associates

If you want to have waterfalls or other water features artfully incorporated into a larger design plan for your space, contact Mark Scott Associates. You can get the sights and sounds only available through the professional design of the landscape to create a yard that may become an outdoor extension of your home’s living spaces.