Uncover the Artistry of Outdoor Lighting

Don’t discount outdoor lighting as only a security feature. Used properly, it can create beautiful scenes in your yard. A professional landscape architect can strategically use the light to draw the eye where desired to produce the greatest impression of a space. Find out how much of a difference the right types of lights outside can make.

Uses for Outdoor Lighting

Creating illuminating spaces outside to make your yard a livable space day or night for entertaining events or just everyday occasions. The many types of lighting options allow a landscape architect to create dramatic accents, offer enhanced safety, or provide a romantic mood.

Accent Lights

Accent lights illuminate the hardscape or softscape features. For instance, these types of lights could include string lights under a pavilion or uplights in a garden. In fact, unless used for safety or security, most forms of outdoor lighting function as accent lights.

Uplights and Downlights

Uplights and downlights are the standard forms of outdoor lighting that have multiple applications. The former lights shine from underneath, casting dramatic shadows and making the objects they light appear larger. Downlights are good for providing general lighting in conversation areas. For instance, at this art collector’s home, a seating area near the pool has downlights to keep it bright after dark while illuminating the mural behind the seats.

Pathway Lights

Pathway lights provide enough light along the path to make walking to your door safe. They also work with accent lights and other types of light to brighten your home, to make it inviting and beautiful both before and after dark. One example of pathway lights and other outdoor lighting used at an entrance is at this French-inspired home, with the landscape architecture done by Mark Scott Associates.

Rope Tape

Rope tape lights are another way to add brightness to areas that have unusual shapes, such as the stairs or inside water features. These flexible lights create unexpected illumination that serves both as decorative and functional lighting.

Make Your Home’s Exterior More Beautiful Landscape Architects 

To get professionally arranged outdoor lighting that does more than just provide brightness, you need an expert’s eye in landscape architecture and lighting. Contact Mark Scott Associates to have your exterior lighting arrangement artistically arranged. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space after dark as much as you do during the day with your new lighting system.