Three Reasons You Should Have Water Features in Your Landscape

Water features can be practical or aesthetic. Yet, regardless of their purpose, they will still provide your space with advantages that other landscape features cannot provide. Only a professional landscape architect can make the decision about whether water elements will work well with your yard. However, feel free to ask and take their advice on what will make your space look its best.

1. Bring Natural Elements to Your Yard

Water elements bridge the gap between human advancement and nature. These features create natural-looking areas. Channels, basins, or other barriers control the water and prevent erosion. 

Most people don’t have enough time to spend in natural settings. However, by including a water feature in your yard, you can bring nature’s beauty to your backdoor.

2. Appeal to Four Main Senses

Running water appeals to four main senses. First, you see the calming ripples of water moving through a fountain or as a breeze blows over a pool. Second, you can smell the refreshing aroma of moving water and the plants that grow around it. Third, you hear the noise of the moving water, which may even become a relaxing backdrop to your daily life. Fourth, you can feel the coolness of the water, especially if you have a pool as your water feature.

While visuals are important to landscape architecture, the multisensory experience brought by water elements is unmatched.

3. Feel Soothed from the Sound of Running Water

Spas use recordings of running water for a reason. A study found that people under high levels of stress experienced more relaxation when exposed to nature sounds, such as running water. Putting a water feature to listen to when you feel most stressed, such as when you come home from work, can ease your discomfort and help you to feel more relaxed.

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