The Importance of Hospitality Landscape Design

For the hospitality industry, landscape design is not the first of amenities considered. However, properly structured and arranged natural and human-made elements will make the difference in comfort in a property. Whether you have a hotel, spa, restaurant, resort, or other structure, if you cater to the comfort of your guests, you need to reconsider your hospitality landscape.

Does Landscape Design Really Make a Difference?

Landscaping can make a difference from the first impressions of the property until the guests leave. In fact, a study showed that tourists do look at the type of landscaping around a resort. The results from the study of tourists in Turkey showed that 12% chose a hotel to stay at based on the landscape design. Plus, 80% of those surveyed indicated that they paid attention to the landscape design at the resorts they stayed at. Therefore, having a well-designed hospitality landscape can be effective in tourism and the number of guests at a resort or hotel.

How a Professional Helps with Your Hospitality Landscape

A professional landscape architect uses physical structures, such as outdoor fireplaces and trellises, and plants to design a comfortable outdoor space. The types of plants used should complement the rest of the design and the local growing region. For instance, warm southern California properties often use Mediterranean plants because the two climates are similar. Landscape architects need to have the expertise of gardeners, artists, architects, and more to create their professionally designed spaces.

Examples of Hospitality Landscape to Inspire You

One example of the difference that professional hospitality landscape design makes is in this restaurant on Bayside Drive. This property gives diners outdoor dining comfort with privacy offered by greenery surrounding the tables. A large fireplace at the end of the outdoor dining space gives those enjoying their meals a warming focal point. Plus, the greenery surrounding the tables offers a softer backdrop that isolates the patio from the stress of the rest of the world.

Have a Professionally Arranged Hospitality Landscape from Mark Scott Associates Inc.

Upgrade your hospitality landscape with a professionally designed space from Mark Scott Associates. Mark Scott’s work has included hospitality sites around the world and in Southern California. He uses elements of the local flora and years of experience to create the ideal landscaping around your property. Contact Mark Scott Associates Inc. for more information on having your property’s landscape design upgraded.