The History of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture differs from gardening in its integration of both hardscaping and softscaping elements. By creating a balance between these elements, professional landscape architects do more than create gardens. They transform the outdoors into spaces for aesthetic appeal, living spaces, places to relax, and much more. The history of this field reflects its changing nature over time and hints at where it might go into the future.

Past of Landscape Architecture

Laying out formal gardens has been a common practice since humans enclosed formal planting areas to create gardens. However, codifying landscape architecture to mean the arrangement of plants, walkways, seating, and more became popular in the 1800s.

Perhaps the most well-known early landscape architects are Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, the team who designed New York City’s Central Park. However, each went onto more projects, including city parks and other public green spaces.

The Present of the Field

Today, landscape architecture is more than just public parks. Businesses and homeowners are both recognizing the importance of having well-designed landscapes. For example, restaurants with outdoor seating areas understand how vital a carefully planned patio, courtyard can be for their diners’ experiences. The outdoor dining patios for restaurants during the Pandemic was essential for their business survival. Homeowners are recapturing valuable living space, especially considering the skyrocketing property costs in and around their own house. Having  their backyards becoming a less expensive  livable spaces can cost much less than buying a new house.  Outdoor living areas are quickly becoming essential for “todays” family life, especially in areas with mild temperatures. 

Future of Landscaping

Being aware of  landscaping design and procedures integrating for more sustainable options. To reduce the environmental impact of the plantings without sacrificing design or comfort is a fine line. Additionally, more businesses and homeowners will find the advantages of better-planned landscapes in terms of the cost of long range maintenance . 

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