The Beauty of Zero Edge Pools (aka Infinity Pools)

A design that seems to go off into infinity is the appeal of zero edge pools, also known as infinity pools. These stunning swimming spots are also eye-catching elements in the landscape. A professional landscape architect knows not only how to add one of these pools to your landscape but also how to properly merge it with the rest of your space for the greatest effect.

What Are Zero Edge Pools?

A zero edge pool has water spilling over at least one edge. When properly placed in the landscape, the edge of the pool can appear to blend into another body of water or the sky, producing the appearance of an infinite pool. The appeal of these pools is their dramatic look and their ability to draw the eye to a larger space of water or sky. Consequently, if you want one, you need it professionally placed to make the most of the pool’s iconic feature.

How Zero Edge Pools Enhance the Landscape

In the landscape, a zero edge pool can draw the eye to an ocean view or the sky. Their stunning appearance makes these pools popular with high-end resorts where the aesthetics of the space are just as important as the comfort of it.

Examples of Zero Edge Pools

Some examples of stunning zero edge pools include the following:

See an infinity pool that creates the illusion of swimming off into the sky with this design from Mark Scott Associates. It’s an amazing view that is unparalleled at sunset.

In this Mediterranean estate, the infinity pool extends the appearance of the yard to the sky. The blue tile on the bottom of the pool enhances the color of the water and the aesthetic appeal of the zero edge pool.

Lastly, at this residence, the zero edge pool eliminates the eyesore of a raised pool edge. It also includes a water curtain falling into it to enhance its appearance in the landscape.

Embrace the Beauty of Zero Edge Pools with a Professionally Designed Landscape by Mark Scott Associates

Don’t just add a pool. Have it professionally placed into your landscape with Mark Scott Associates. By using a professional landscape architect, you will have a space that uses living and non-living elements to form a balanced, beautiful yard. You can also have an infinity pool included among the manmade attributes of your landscape. Mark Scott has used zero edge pools frequently in his work before. Contact Mark Scott Associates to request his expert eye for design in adding an infinity pool to your landscape.