Important things to consider when planning landscape renovation

Things to consider while planning landscape renovation Are you planning a landscape renovation for your home? Then, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to planning landscape renovation. For instance, there is a building process, and you also have to think about the materials that you […]

Top Landscape Design Tips And Trends

Landscape Design Tips

Top Landscape Design Tips And Trends The landscaping you choose to do may impact the value of your house significantly. When trying to increase the value of your property, this is a component that is frequently neglected. You can use landscape design tips to change that. A property that is not well kept is an […]

Late Summer Landscaping: How to Manage Your Landscape

Late Summer Landscaping

How to Manage Your Landscape in the Late Summer You can’t merely design your environment and then ignore it after that. Remember that changing seasons will have a distinct effect on your landscaping. You will need to devise a strategy to keep your grass in pristine condition throughout the year. For those passionate about landscaping, […]

Professional Landscape Designer: 10 Reasons Why You Need One

Professional Landscape Designer

Have you seen those houses in movies which have picture-perfect landscapes? Lush garden sprawled in the front yard, with a swimming pool or a well-maintained garden with a fountain in it. Sounds so beautiful, doesn’t it? But how would you ensure that your house has all the things you have always dreamed of? This is […]

Swimming Pool Variety: Zero Edge Pools and Children’s Play Pools

You don’t have to have a utilitarian backyard when you want a swimming pool for you or your kids. With expertly designed yards that include swimming pools, you can have stunning backyard oases that look beautiful and provide you with places for relaxing swims. When choosing pools for your yard, consider the lesser-known zero-edge pools and […]

Benefits of a Greenhouse


Greenhouses provide multiple benefits, especially for those who don’t experience warm weather all year. With these, you can enjoy the warmth of growing plants that are not naturally adapted to your climate. To get the most out of these elements, you should have them expertly incorporated into your landscape with the professional services of a […]

What Are Garden Boxes and Why Should You Use Them?

garden boxes

Garden boxes are practical and beautiful features in your landscape. Boxes don’t even have to be standalone plant pots. These containers range in size and design based on their use. Your landscape architect may use garden boxes in designing your yard to achieve a space that benefits from natural growth without plants overtaking your walkways. […]

Who Was Roberto Burle Marx and How Did His Work Influence Patterns in Landscape?

elements of garden design

Landscape architects can cite many sources for their inspiration. Among these is the work of Roberto Burle Marx. This extraordinary artist is hailed by the American Institute of Architects as the true designer behind the modern garden. He pioneered many of the now-common outdoor design standards found in yards and gardens today. Without him, landscape […]

Waterfalls: Dynamic Ways to Add Sound and Beauty to Your Landscape


Enhancing your landscape is not only a matter of using visual effects but also sound. Professional landscape architects appreciate the use of all the senses when designing yards and gardens. Integrating waterfalls into the landscape is one way to incorporate sight and sound in your space with a relaxing water feature. Why Use Waterfalls in […]