The Beauty of Zero Edge Pools (aka Infinity Pools)

zero edge pools

A design that seems to go off into infinity is the appeal of zero edge pools, also known as infinity pools. These stunning swimming spots are also eye-catching elements in the landscape. A professional landscape architect knows not only how to add one of these pools to your landscape but also how to properly merge […]

Stop Erosion: Solutions to Recapture Land from Slopes

stop erosion

A hilly yard can be challenging for landscape architects. One of the primary goals of the design will need to address how to stop erosion. There are many solutions to recapture land from slopes and prevent future loss through erosion. Why Erosion on Slopes Happens Sloped land allows water to flow down it, but that […]

Types of Shade Structures

shade structures

Don’t let the sun’s heat cause you to spend less time outside. Shade structures installed around your yard provide oases from the harsh rays of the sun, letting you seek a cool spot without giving up your time in the fresh air. With a variety of designs for these structures, you’ll need help from a […]

Uncover the Artistry of Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Don’t discount outdoor lighting as only a security feature. Used properly, it can create beautiful scenes in your yard. A professional landscape architect can strategically use the light to draw the eye where desired to produce the greatest impression of a space. Find out how much of a difference the right types of lights outside […]

Get Serious About Your Grilling with an Upgrade to an Outdoor Barbecue Center

Barbecue center

Do you love to grill? Become serious about your cooking space with a professionally designed outdoor barbecue center that will be both functional and beautiful. Find out how you can upgrade from a basic grill in your backyard to a modern outdoor kitchen and barbecue center that you’ll want to use all year long for […]