Swimming Pool Variety: Zero Edge Pools and Children’s Play Pools

You don’t have to have a utilitarian backyard when you want a swimming pool for you or your kids. With expertly designed yards that include swimming pools, you can have stunning backyard oases that look beautiful and provide you with places for relaxing swims. When choosing pools for your yard, consider the lesser-known zero-edge pools and children’s play pools as options to get more enjoyment this summer.

Zero-Edge Pools Maximize Views and Space

If you have a small area with a great view, zero-edge pools are ideal. These pools give the impression of a larger space because they don’t have a visible edge. When placed atop a slope, the eye travels across the top of the water and toward the view. You get the illusion of looking into infinity. These pools are stunning as swimming pools that also serve an aesthetic purpose in the landscape.

Children’s Play Pools Give Kids a Place for Water Fun

Children may not be ready to swim in a large pool, but they can enjoy a smaller, shallower splash pool. Often, these smaller pools augment larger swimming sites to let entire families enjoy the water at the same time.

Examples of Swimming Pools

Look over samples of swimming pools in various yards to see the dramatic impact they can make when properly integrated with landscape architecture elements. The following are some examples from Mark Scott Associates:

Benedict Canyon zero-edge pool

Another view of Benedict Canyon’s zero-edge pool

Award-Winning Newport Coast Estate zero-edge pool

Deep Sea infinity pool

The above examples showcase the effect you can get from a well-designed space around your yard’s swimming pool.

Let Mark Scott Associates Create Your Backyard Oasis

Transform your backyard from a barren spot into an oasis where you can enjoy relaxation all year long with swimming pools for yourself or your kids and an aesthetically pleasing environment. See Mark Scott Associates’ portfolio for samples of work, including those that use swimming pools. When you decide to start work on your professionally designed backyard, contact Mark Scott Associates.