Sustainability and Natural Beauty from Native Plants in the Landscape

Choosing native plants for the landscape provides numerous benefits that both those who care for the outdoor area and those who use it can enjoy. Find out why you should consider native flora for your residential or commercial landscape and how a professional landscape architect can help.

Native Plants Are Adapted to Local Climate

Local climates have different rainfall amounts and temperatures ranges. Even within larger climate area, microclimates can exist, especially along coasts or in mountainous terrain. Native flowers, trees, shrubs, and more are better adapted to the precipitation and temperature of these areas. Therefore, when landscaping with native options, you will enjoy reduced gardening needs. These plants require less effort to keep them looking great. For instance, they don’t need as many pesticides or additional watering to help them thrive.

Beautiful Landscaping

The natural landscape in your area features many native plants. These plants contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the space. A proper landscape design that integrates native plants properly can create separate areas, provide backdrops, line paths, and soften lines of sight.

Additionally, supporting structures, such as trellises, pergolas, or arbors can transform native or non-native vining plants into architectural methods of blocking out excessive sunlight, providing privacy, or delineating specific areas.

Native Plants Protect Soil 

Did you know that these plants do a better job of protecting the soil? Their roots extend into the soil to hold it in place during heavy rains. By holding onto soil they can protect banks of ponds or streams from eroding over time.

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