Stop Erosion: Solutions to Recapture Land from Slopes

A hilly yard can be challenging for landscape architects. One of the primary goals of the design will need to address how to stop erosion. There are many solutions to recapture land from slopes and prevent future loss through erosion.

Why Erosion on Slopes Happens

Sloped land allows water to flow down it, but that water also takes some of the soil with it, eventually wearing away the surface. Erosion happens most often on surfaces that don’t have plant material because plant roots hold onto soil, protecting the surface from erosion. Preventing erosion can protect the land from changing and prevent excessive soil from going into the water system.

Solutions to Recapture Land from Slopes

Recapturing land lost from previous erosion may require bringing in extra fill dirt or plantings to reshape the worn land. Another option is capturing runoff from slopes can stop the progression of erosion, allowing for protective methods to reclaim use of the sloped land. Terraces, dry walls, rain barrels, and soil amendments can collect runoff to allow for reclaiming land from erosion.

Options to Stop Erosion to Protect the Reclaimed Land

Terraces are a very effective way to protect sloped land from erosion. In this example sketch for a Mark Scott designed landscape, terraces allow entry to the home and protect the hill where the yard is from erosion. Blending the terraces into the stairs and using a water feature makes this a beautiful way to stop erosion.

Another highly effective method of protecting the recaptured land is through planting hearty vegetation with sturdy root systems that will cling to soil. This method is best for slopes with only light levels of erosion. However, it also pairs well with runoff recapture and terracing to minimize erosion.

Opt for open pathways along higher slopes to allow for better drainage than a solidly paved sidewalk provides. For instance, this home features several stones with grass growing between them, which allows for better drainage than a solid terrace and a more visually appealing space in the yard.

Trust Mark Scott Associates to Know How to Stop Erosion on Your Site and Recapture Land from Slopes

If you have a hilly property, contact Mark Scott Associates for expert solutions to recapture land from slopes and stop erosion in the future. You can have a beautiful landscape without worrying about losing land from your slopes. Trust Mark Scott to find the ideal solutions to practically and aesthetically address your sloped land.