Stay Active with a Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Pool, or Other Sports Spots in Your Yard

Make your backyard livable and active by letting your landscape architect integrate sports options into your space. You can have a tennis court, pool, basketball court, even a putting green, and much more without compromising the beauty of your outdoor space.

Tennis Court

If you love tennis, you shouldn’t have to travel to a gym or racquet club to use the courts. With a tennis court in your yard, you can play anytime. But, you don’t need to make your neighbors or your family suffer with the look of a spartan court in the middle of the backyard.

With professional designs that perfectly obscure the tennis court from view, you can have your tennis and beautiful yard, too. Check out this one example of how Mark Scott Associates blended a tennis court into a backyard that also had space for a swimming pool and basketball court.

Basketball Court

Basketball hoops are staples outside many homes in the country. The game requires cardiovascular effort and skill while being fun for all ages. If you want more than just a hoop over your garage, consider asking for your landscape architect to add a basketball court into your yard. This example of a home in Las Vegas features several activities for kids of all ages – a half basketball court, a soccer field, a kid’s playground, and a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are the ultimate backyard treat. They offer a spot to cool off in the summer, a focal point for pool parties and backyard barbecues, and a great way to get low-impact exercise. The pool can also be a great-looking addition to your yard. This California home uses a splash of color with wall art beside the pool for a contemporary look that makes the pool area eye-catching. The art came from the homeowner’s collection, showing the creativity and sensitivity to personal tastes that Mark Scott Associates has when designing spaces.

Putting Green

Have you ever wanted a place to practice putting in your backyard? Why not have a putting green among the many other options? This home has a tennis court, swimming pool, and putting green for a rich space of fun for everyone.

Enjoy Your Favorite Outdoor Activities with a Tennis Court or Other Sports Courts in Your Professionally Designed Yard

Keep your favorite sports and get the backyard of your dreams. You need the vision of a professional landscape architect who has tackled these types of projects to get the best results. Reach out to Mark Scott Associates to find out more about how you can get your tennis court or other sports features seamlessly blended into your backyard for a recreational and relaxing space.