Small garden design ideas for your home

Small garden design ideas for you!

Not all houses have a huge front yard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t build a beautiful small garden. People who love gardens often get disappointed if they don’t have the right space to set up their desired garden. But what if someone told you that you could easily set up a small garden if you follow some ideas? Check out various small garden design ideas here.

What do you want to grow in the garden?

Before you design your garden, you should make up your mind about what kind of plants you want in your garden. People think they can plant anything in the garden, but that’s not true. The kind of plants you choose to put in your garden largely depends on the garden space you have. If you want a small vegetable garden, you can go for herbs like mint, parsley, and coriander. For vegetables, you can consider planting pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, etc. Growing these vegetables in your small garden is not only economical, but you can also sell them in the farmer’s market. 

How to take care of limited space?

Suppose you live in an apartment where you have a balcony to have a small garden. How would you design a garden with such limited space? There are three ways by which you easily utilize the space on your small balcony. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Instead of going for conventional circular pots, you could go for square or rectangular pots or even oval-shaped pots that you could fit close to the wall/railing. 
  • Instead of using a large number of small pots, it’ll be easier to use limited large pots as you can maintain and water them easily. 
  • Instead of moving the pots every time to make space, it’s better to go for saucers with wheels under the pots. 


Now that you have an idea about what are the different plants that can be grown in your small garden or how to take care of the limited space, it’s time to check out ideas for small garden design. Let’s have a look at them. 

Best Small Garden Design Ideas

Many people love gardening. Gardening is like a therapeutic hobby for many people. They are even ready to spend hundreds of bucks to get the plant of their choice. So if you are one of those people and you’re looking for small garden design ideas, then this article will turn out to be helpful. Let’s have a look at them.

Go Vertically 

Gone are the days when people used to plant trees only on their lawns or backyards. Nowadays, with various design ideas, you can plant inside the house with minimal space. Instead of putting plant pots on the balcony, why not create a vertical space? Vertical space can be provided by installing a vertical wooden or vinyl or iron rack with compartments big enough to put plant pots in it. Vertical planting space is aesthetically pleasing and a great way to save space. 

Plant according to shade and sun 

We all have read that plants need sunlight to grow. But we haven’t learned in school that not all plants need the same amount of sunlight or direct sunlight. Some plants are meant to grow in little sunlight or shade. So instead of cluttering all of your plants in one place, it’s advisable that you plant them according to their need for sunlight and shade. This way, you can put some plant pots inside your house and the rest on the balcony/porch. 

Use railings/fences/walls for climbers 

Have you seen those houses covered with climber flowers? Don’t they look beautiful! If you are looking for small garden design ideas, using the railings/walls/fences as climber space works just fine. They not only look aesthetically appealing but also help to absorb sounds and reduce pollution to an extent. Many people often use climbers to create a shady enclosure that will be beneficial during hot summers. 

Create an herb garden 

Almost all foods that we cook require either thyme or parsley or mint or coriander leaves. And it’s impossible to have them every time stocked at home since they dry out quite quickly. But what if you could have your mini herb garden and pick fresh herbs for each dish you cook? An efficient small garden design idea is to set up a mini herb garden in your small space. You could use something like a table and sow the herb seeds. Since the roots of these plants don’t go very deep, unlike big plants, it’s easier to plant them. 

Add hanging pots 

You must have seen pots hanging from the ceiling. Well, that not only saves space but also looks quite beautiful. All you need to do is install some hooks on the ceiling and hang the pots. Try to hang those plants that need less water and can grow in shades too. You can go for different colorful pots that will give a vibrant look to your small garden. 

Add outdoor lighting 

One of the easiest small garden design ideas anyone can implement is adding outdoor lighting. If you have a balcony garden, you must add proper lighting, such as rice bulbs, to enhance your garden’s beauty. There are various lighting options that one can choose from for the garden. 


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