Outdoor Living Spaces to Take Advantage of the California Coastal Climate

The coastal climate of Southern California is mild and dry. This specific set of conditions is also found on the other side of the world around the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, many outdoor living spaces in California use Mediterranean landscaping to create comfortable spaces with plants that will thrive in the climate.

Types of Plants Often Used in Outdoor Living Spaces in Southern California 

You will find sources for native California plants and drought-tolerant plants for Southern California for gardeners around the internet. These listings are good places to start for the home gardener. However, they are not exhaustive.

For a professionally designed outdoor living space a landscape architect will focus on how the plants look in your landscape, how sustainable they are, and their growing requirements. Examples of plants often used in Southern California landscaping include Italian cypress, sage, succulents, figs, lavender, and others.

Architectural Elements That Pair Well with Mediterranean Flora

To connect the plants more directly with their Mediterranean origins, a landscape architect will choose hardscape elements with designs from the region. For instance, pergolas, fountains, runnels, Roman architraves, and Italian pavilions are often used to enforce the Mediterranean style of the outdoor living space.

A home may have a kitchen and dining area under an Italian pavilion that provides protection from the rain while admitting breezes from the open sides. A runnel may be the water feature that links the pavilion area to a fountain nearby. Professionally designed spaces will have connectivity among the elements of the space to provide a seamless living area instead of a yard that has the feeling of distinctive, unrelated spaces.

Examples of Outdoor Living in Southern California

Some examples of outdoor living in Southern California include designs that connect the exterior and interior living spaces. For instance, this home on Antigua Way uses Mediterranean plants and hardscaping elements to blend with the home’s design. Another instance is this home on Leesbury Court that features dining and living areas that open to the outdoor pool for a comfortable, protected area for cooking and eating that still offers stunning views of the outside.

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