Modern Architectural Lap Pool with Waterfalls

A modern architectural lap pool with waterfalls combines a site for exercise with the soothing, meditative sound of running water. Incorporating a modern lap pool into a backyard also requires careful coordination of other features in the yard to make the pool seamlessly integrate into the landscape. A professional landscape architect can help with the design of the yard and adding a lap pool with waterfalls that has a modern architecture style.

What Distinguishes a Modern Architectural Lap Pool from Other Types of Pools?

A lap pool is a way to add an exercise pool to a yard without needing the space required for a full-sized swimming pool. Lap pools have a narrow, rectangular shape to allow for a swimmer to make laps along the long side of the pool. Their smaller dimensions make them a popular option for those who want the convenience of a swimming pool in their yards without sacrificing their entire yard to a large pool.

Lap Pool

Modern Architectural Lap Pool

By their nature, lap pools are relatively modern inventions for home use. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1970s that the modern iteration of this type of pool received a patent. However, sleek lines and proper landscaping around the lap pool can maintain the appearance of modern styling. Consulting with a professional landscape architect can help you to achieve the desired contemporary look that you want.

Waterfalls and Lap Pools

Waterfalls are an ideal addition to lap pools because they turn an exercise structure into a water feature. One home that uses a waterfall perfectly with a lap pool is this one in Newport Coast, designed by Mark Scott Associates, Inc.

While this offshore site does not have a waterfall flowing into the pool, it does have fountains that spray into the pool, turning the lap pool into a water feature when not in use.

Just because you don’t have space or don’t want to dedicate your entire backyard to a full-sized swimming pool does not mean that you cannot get the benefits of a pool and the beauty of a water feature. Let an expert guide you in designing your backyard to make it a luxurious retreat where you can exercise, entertain, and relax.

Connect with Mark Scott Associates, Inc. in Southern California for Expert Landscape Architecture Designs

Reach out to Mark Scott Associates, Inc. to schedule a consultation for your yard’s design to incorporate a modern lap pool and waterfalls. With the help of a professional landscape designer, the pool will comfortably fit into the yard. Plus, expert landscaping around the pool will make the water feature an aesthetic delight. For exercise and beauty with modern styling, don’t settle for anyone other than a professional Landscape architect when adding a modern lap pool to your yard.