Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Some Super Cool Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas


Today, everything around comes at a cost, and landscaping is not an exception to it by any chance. It is important to understand that it is only when you think of some innovative low maintenance landscaping ideas that you would come up with something easy yet impressive simultaneously!

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

If you are just a noob and are not very sure about where to start for looking at the low maintenance landscaping ideas, you are here at the right place:

  • Chalk out your landscape plan

If it is always wise to hire a professional designer who can draw the landscape plan for you, you can probably install it on your own or get someone to install it for you. No doubt, this is going to utilize your space to the fullest. Well, design rates may vary between 50 dollars and 150 dollars per hour based on the location that you are based at!

  • Picking the right size of trees

Based on the space availability that you own on your lawn, the size of the tree or shrub will have a lot to do with it. You will obviously need to consider the height of the tree above and below the ground as one of your most important considerations while choosing one! Always go through the plant labels and take care of its average size once it matures before you buy it.

  • Count on lawn alternatives

Using grass can be a super cool idea. It not only adds comfort and functionality to your landscape area but also calls for the least amount of maintenance. Something that you will not have to bother about all the time. You may use lawn grass alternatives that include perennial itineraries, mixed shrubs, paving stones, artificial turf, and more.

  • Plant more perennial trees

It is essential to understand that one should replant annual plants every year. On the other hand, perennial plants keep on coming up each year even though they bloom just for a shorter period of time as compared to those of annual plants, which have flowers all throughout the season. However, you will obviously love to keep on witnessing the continuously changing view of your landscape from time to time.

  • Cluster grouping of plants

The cluster plants, when put together in groups, will change the whole look and feel of your landscape. The more you add such groupings across your landscape, the more continuity you can expect from your area.

  • Choose some groundcover plants.

By adding low-lying plants, you can prevent yourself from the hassle of landscape maintenance at ease. You can protect your landscape slopes from erosion with groundcover plants such as mondo grass, purple lead winter creepers, and pachysandra.

  • Mulching your landscape

By mulching, you can probably boost the health of your garden. Also, it will give a more creative look than what it had previously. You can also increase the soil insulation by doing so, and thus, consider inhibiting weed growth. It even helps the soil get rid of the impact of rainfall on it. Also, the organic components in the soil help in nourishing the roots of plants growing on it.

  • Install some artificial turfs

Installing artificial turf is a really good option. It will save labor while, at the same time, want to make your space easy to maintain. It even ensures the visual appeal of your area. The best part is that you would not require mowing, water, or adding fertilizer to it. All you have to do is to get rid of the debris at regular intervals.

  • Go for native plants.

The kind of plants that you have put on your lawn will determine the look of your yard to a great extent. Also, it would decide the amount of time and effort you have to put into the maintenance job of your lawn. However, native plants usually require little maintenance and come with natural defenses to fight against local pests quite effectively. The birds and pollinators generally recognize them at ease as their habitats, adding them as a location of interest!