Landscaping Around a Swimming Pool Build

Swimming pools are a hot commodity in many areas. For instance, in the Los Angeles area, 23% of homes had a pool, and nationwide 17% of people in their 20s owned a pool, spa, or hot tub. But some people don’t do enough with the area around their pools and leave it looking too utilitarian. Instead of surrounding the pool build with only concrete or a plain wood deck, get advice from a professional landscape architect to improve your pool area’s appearance.

Why You Need Landscaping Around a Swimming Pool Build

If your backyard has a swimming pool, you don’t have to have a space that looks like a public pool surrounded by concrete. In fact, with good landscaping around the pool, it can become a refreshing oasis in your yard. A professional landscape architect can blend your swimming pool and other hardscape features into landscaping to create a perfect getaway spot in your backyard. By using lights, water, plants, and hardscape features, the architect can transform your pool into a resort-quality or nature-inspired spot for a dip.

A Resort-Inspired Pool Build

If you want to feel like you’re staying at a five-star resort without leaving your home, you may want to have the landscape architect use resort for designing the area around your pool. For instance, this pool area Mark Scott designed in Via Burrone combines sharp geometric shapes and softer lines for seating into a one-of-a-kind, resort-inspired backyard oasis.

A Natural Spot for a Dip

You may not want the formal appearance of a resort-inspired pool. Consider instead a pool with an irregular edge that blends in well with the space’s plants to resemble a natural pond or water feature. This pool in Whaler’s Bluff perfectly hides a water slide behind trees. The slide exits into a pool that slips beneath a wooden bridge to make it look more like a natural pond instead of a swimming spot.

Contact Mark Scott Associates for Help with Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool Build

Your backyard pool should be a spot to relax around. Contact Mark Scott Associates to learn more about having the area surrounding your pool professionally designed. Make your pool the perfect getaway spot, whether you like formal resorts or informal natural settings.