Landscape lighting mistakes to avoid

7 common landscape lighting mistakes


There are some common landscape lighting mistakes that you can make when decorating your lawn. However, to help you out, we will tell you how to avoid these mistakes.

Top 7 common landscape lighting mistakes

1. Focusing only on research

When people start learning how to decorate their landscape with lighting, they only focus on the technicalities like how low voltage lights work. However, they miss out on one of the most important aspects of landscape lighting, which is the design. First, you must figure out how to design your lights to make your landscape look beautiful.


After you decide on your landscape lighting design, you will have a lot of time to think about the load drops and the wires. Choosing the design first will help you select the best lights for your landscape.

2. Selecting inferior quality products

Another common landscape lighting mistake that homeowners make is to choose inferior quality products. It’s because the lifespan of low-quality products is not long. Sometimes, even buying products from an electrician can make you end up with poor-quality products. Thus, when you hire someone, do not always assume that they will provide you with the best quality products. 


You want to make sure that the lights you end up choosing for your landscape have a long warranty. This will ensure that you do not have to change your landscape lighting once every few months.

3. Moderation is the key

When it comes to lighting your landscape, you must restrain yourself from going overboard. Make sure you think about your neighbors when installing your landscape lights so that they do not experience any inconvenience. Also, check whether your locality has any ordinances on light pollution.


If you need lighting for security purposes, choose to light with fixtures that can sense motion. Several localities have ordinances to protect the view they get of the sky in the evening. For this, you can search for light manufacturers that can make dark fixtures specially designed to minimize the ambient light skyward. Also, keep your light design subtle and evenly distribute the fixtures around the property.

4. Choosing the wrong lights

Similar to the way you want to put plants that need a lot of sunlight in the sun and those that require shade in the dark, you will need to do the same when choosing your lights. For instance, narrow paths need small light fixtures.


You can consider the architecture of your home when selecting your lights. The light fixtures that you choose must be able to blend right into the space. A modern home landscape goes best with classic fixtures of light, while a landscape of a vintage home looks good with an antique appearance and color.

5. Making your lights glare

If your landscape lighting is not positioned in the right manner, they will glare into others’ eyes. So, it is important to take expert advice when setting up your landscape lights. Therefore, consider reaching out to a planner and discussing ideas about how you can renovate your landscape with lights.


Apart from the right positioning of lights, you will need glare shields on floodlights and spotlights. This will prevent your lights from creating a glare on people’s eyes.

6. Not choosing automated lighting

Nowadays, everything is gradually becoming automated, and the same must apply to outdoor lighting. Hence, it will also be smart to choose automated lighting for the landscape. With the help of an app on your mobile phone, you can easily change the lights. Moreover, you can customize and add some more features, such as control of lights. If you are planning a special event, you might have a preset of color-changing lights.

7. Buying non-LED lights

The bulbs you buy to decorate your landscape will play a significant role in creating the overall ambiance of your outdoor setting. Choosing non-LED lights will not give you the vibe that you want to create with your landscape lighting. Moreover, it can increase your energy bills. To avoid all these, you can get LED lights; they are available in several tones that will enable you to create the ambiance of your choice. Some LED lights are also eco-friendly that will keep your energy bills affordable.


We have discussed above the seven common landscape lighting mistakes that everyone makes. markscottassociates.com is the best website to reach out to if you want a landscape renovation. They will help you set up the most suitable lights for your home’s landscape.