Landscape Curb Appeal of your home: Must-dos

Maintaining a beautiful landscape and front yard is on every landlord’s to-do list. A beautiful garden doesn’t only look great and aesthetic but has many other qualities that attract buyers. As a landscape is important for one’s overall well-being, maintaining its beauty is also necessary. Here are some tips for maintaining your landscape curb appeal to make you fall in love with your front yard. 

Landscape Curb Appeal – what to do? 

A garden can highly alter a property’s value. A better-looking landscape will increase the curb appeal, helping you to find better value in terms of similar-looking homes, as high as 7%. There are ways to do this without altering or damaging your property. 

  • Construction and architecture

Before you choose to make any changes to your landscape, consider the house first. The construction and architecture of the house will determine the look you are going for. As you create your garden around your house, finding possible spaces and areas to suit your plan is important. For example, a cottage-style house will give off a countryside vibe so that a fully-fledged landscape will do justice to that look. Otherwise, a minimalist landscape will bring out a more modern appeal. 

  • Garden

A front garden or landscape generally has several layers. As a garden will contain several species and types of plants and shrubs, it is important to arrange them in a certain way that guarantees maximum curb appeal. If you want to make layers, you need to pick the species and types accordingly. For example, if a home rests on a large, flat area, small shrubs and grass lawn will not do justice to that. Instead, layering them in repetitions will bring an extended look to the landscape. It will complement the house and certainly increase the landscape curb appeal. With that, planting the bigger shrubs at the outer layer can also give a shrouded appeal. 

  • Entrance

While you are busy plotting the garden around your house, pointing towards the front door is always a priority. The landscape curb appeal depends on the way to the entrance in a pleasing and satisfactory way, so it is vital to make that transition as smooth as possible. The guests should have an easy time finding where to go, and making a pathway separating the garden works just fine. So, you may either lead the pathway directly to your door or wind it enough to ensure an overall view of your beautiful landscape, but either way, the guests should get a glimpse of the entrance. 

  • Color

Apart from the architecture and positioning, your house’s color greatly influences the landscape. Your landscape should complement the color of your house. For instance, a blue-colored home will need purple, white, pink, and others representing a similar palate. Similarly, red, orange, and yellow will look good with a red or darker-shaded home. The goal is to achieve diversity with little bits of different shades. 

  • Make good use of the seasons

Although it depends on the region you live in, you can use the seasons to your advantage year-round. Each season brings in new varieties of flowers, so it will help your landscape change its appearance and always look new. Layering your landscape with seasonal flowers and shrubs will make your landscape lively and always keep the curb appeal higher than similar homes. 

  • Regular mowing and tending

While you have to encourage the growth of different layers of plants to prevent the space from looking patchy, sometimes they can grow out of control. Small plants and shrubs can grow very quickly, and if you don’t maintain them well, they’ll soon look out of shape and can even block the pathway. That will make the whole lawn area look clumsy and undesirable. Regular mowing and tending the rapid branches and shrubs will keep them in perfect-looking shape. 

  •  Air passages and fragrances

Apart from concentrating on the looks and aesthetics of the landscape, there is more to expect from a lawn. The area should feel lively and pleasant in the presence of air passages and fragrances. The landscape shouldn’t only look good but also feel good. 


The curb appeal can have a tangible effect on how you and others will perceive your home. That is why you should consider trusting the experts at markscottassociates.com to get all the landscaping solutions you need. Their expertise will certainly make your landscape new and lively. 

The goal for you is to have a great-looking and low-maintenance landscape. Following these tips will definitely increase your landscape curb appeal.