Landscape Architecture Sustainability

Landscape architecture sustainability lets you have a well-designed outdoor living space without negatively impacting the environment. When you understand the value of sustainability in landscaping, you will recognize why you should choose a landscape architect who makes this part of their design features.

What Is Landscape Architecture Sustainability?

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) outlines the many environmental, economic, and social benefits of landscape architecture sustainability. First, this type of design uses elements that clean the air and water and improve energy efficiency. Additionally, this design plan can restore lost habitats to native birds, insects, and other animals and collect excess carbon from the air. This form of landscape design is future-focused to preserve and protect the environment or to recover damaged spaces.

Why You Should Look for Sustainable Designs

You should consider sustainable designs for your landscaping if you want to save money and have a beautiful outdoor space. Landscape architecture sustainability reduces the resources needed for the upkeep of the plants in the space. Therefore, you will spend less on maintaining your newly designed space. Plus, your plants will look better even with minimal care because they are chosen with your climate in mind.

Examples of Landscape Architecture Sustainability

At Mark Scott Associates Inc., one of the main goals is sustainability. Therefore, you will get the greenest approach in the selection of your plants, water features, hardscapes, and site planning. For instance, this home has a green landscape surrounding it, but many of the plants have low-water needs, which makes them a better option in drier Southern California. View other examples in the portfolio to see the beauty in sustainable landscapes.

Hire a Professional Who Values Landscape Architecture Sustainability

Keeping a sustainable landscape reduces your work to keep your outdoor space looking great. Native plants look more natural in your area and thrive in the climate of your home. Contact Mark Scott Associates Inc. for a professional who also values gorgeous landscape architecture and can bring your dream designs to life.