Landscape Architectural Design Services in CA | Mark Scott Associates Inc

The right design ideas to create a desired look or style can take it from vague descriptions to a perfectly drawn and consecutively implemented plan. Whatever you dream up for your outdoor spaces, finding expert landscape architects in Newport Beach is essential to get your visions mapped out and turned into reality. You imagine it – Mark Scott Associates Inc. designs and builds it with a professional touch in every aspect and detail of our work.

We are a full-service landscaping company with a team of the best landscape architects in Newport Beach. Focusing on the outdoor features and constructions that will endure for years and have the most transformative potential, we can redesign and convert any ordinary or neglected parts of your property into works of art.

Landscape architects in Newport Beach who create perfect elements to merge

With extensive horticultural and landscape expertise and a portfolio of projects that work great for coastal climates, MSA can provide anything your property needs to look fantastic:

  • Patios, porches, and pergolas
  • Barbecue islands and fire features
  • Pools, ponds, and water features
  • Outdoor living areas
  • Driveways, walkways, and pavers
  • Block walls and garden walls
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Water-saving techniques and planting schemes
  • Drought-tolerant plants and trees

MSA is the best place for expert guidance on hardscape materials and plants for your location and budget. Our landscape designers in Newport Beach excel in coastal landscaping and create unique solutions to navigate the challenges of the area. Whether you want to achieve an organic look blending into the surroundings, implement a distinct style, or deal with a specific exterior design issue, our team will find the most captivating way to do it.

Hire landscape designers in Newport Beach to add a unique vibe to your space

Hardscaping and softscaping are the essential components that can add value and interest to your property. But one of the biggest challenges is finding the perfect combination of the two to create an outdoor space that is functional and put-together without feeling busy or overplanted. 

Our crews can bring any commercial or residential project to perfection through well-coordinated work. This means you will see our talented designers and the best landscape architects in Newport Beach working shoulder to shoulder. 

Let’s get all the pieces of the puzzle right to create a beautiful and welcoming space that matches your expectations in each and every detail.