Integrating Water Features into the Landscape

water features

Water features include more than fountains and birdbaths. When you consider the many options for bringing water into your yard, you will appreciate assistance from a professional landscape architect for helping you to choose the right ones for your space.

What Do Water Features Bring to the Landscape?

Water features are not static. The wind blowing over a pool or the movement of water from a fountain creates subtle, natural movement in your landscape only matched by the swaying of leaves or branches.

Additionally, the motion of water creates sound. While you may not notice it consciously, it does create a comforting auditory backdrop to the space. In fact, a waterfall or fountain can produce soothing effects in people, which is why these water features are popular in many spas and resorts.

Lastly, these features reflect light or have light incorporated into them. For instance, pool lights and coloring can create intense blue shades in the water, reminiscent of the brightest blue seas. Water curtains create dappled light beyond them, for an intriguing light styling.

Types of Water Features to Consider

water features

There are several types of water features that you can incorporate into your landscape. These include the following:

  • Fountains
  • Infinity pools or other swimming pools
  • Streams – natural or manmade
  • Waterfalls
  • Water curtains
  • Garden ponds
  • Hot tubs

These are only a few instances available. A professional landscape designer will find the best features that blend the natural and manmade features of your yard.

Examples of How To Properly Incorporated into Landscaping

There are multiple ways that water features can blend into the landscape. See the following examples from Mark Scott Associates for inspiration.

A More Natural Pool

In this yard, the pool has softened, rounded lines to appear more natural, like a pond. The arched bridge and rock surrounding the area emphasize this effect. The pool serves as both a recreational spot to cool off and an integral component of the landscape.

Water Meets Sky

This award-winning design uses an infinity-edge pool with a zero-edge effect to create the appearance of the water merging with the sky. These features of the pool make it look larger. Plus, it perfectly fits into the greater view of the ocean beyond.

The Sound of Water Falling

You can almost hear the sound of water falling in this design that features a small waterfall next to a seating area and swimming pool. The use of plantings around the area allows the pool to become part of the landscape instead of a stark contrast to it.

Bring the Serenity of Water Features to Your Landscape and Contact Mark Scott Associates

Trust Mark Scott Associates to create a livable landscape where you can enjoy the serenity of inspired water features. These may include fountains, infinity pools, waterfalls, or other types of ways to integrate water into your landscape. Contact Mark Scott Associates today to get started on your dream space.