Incorporating Outdoor Fireplaces into the Landscape for Cool Nights and Comfortable Spaces

Incorporating Outdoor Fireplaces into the Landscape for Cool Nights and Comfortable Spaces

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits provide gathering spaces for living areas. Plus, these additions to the landscape provide sources of warmth for cool nights, extending the time that you can use your outdoor living area from day to night and throughout the year. Whether small or large, how the fireplace merges with the surrounding space will make a difference in its appearance as a seamless addition to the landscape.

The Advantages of Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces do more than just offer warmth. There are several advantages to using these features outside.

First, outdoor fireplaces provide light and heat and are usually natural  seating areas in the evenings.Conversation flows easier when people want to congregate around the fire in the surrounding seating. The natural light offered by the fire also reduces the need for additional landscape lighting at night when the fire is lit.

Second, fireplaces offer comfort. Even in warmer climates, outdoor fires make seating areas more comfortable and cozier. They often bring to mind quaint camping trips or warm nights in a ski lodge by the fire.

Third, outdoor fires create subtle sound and motion that does not distract but augments the surrounding views. Much like water motion from a fountain, the movement of flames in a fireplace can provide a meditative atmosphere.

Stunning Examples of Outdoor Fireplaces in the Landscape

Adding outdoor fireplaces to the landscape should add to the design. Check out these examples of fireplaces properly incorporated into the landscape.

Contemporary Fire Pit Changes the Focus

Because fire pits and fireplaces act as focal points, these can be used to shift the focus to a stunning view nearby. For instance, this award-winning design from Mark Scott Associates uses a contemporary fire pit to draw attention to the jaw-dropping view beyond.

Fire and Water

With a water fountain just past the view of the fire pit, the seating area in this outdoor living space combines two elements into a comfortable place. Whether conversing with others or sitting alone, this outdoor living area effectively uses the fire pit and fountain to bring the best of the interior and exterior together.

Large Outdoor Fireplace for Extra Comfort

This exterior seating area uses the fireplace as a large focal piece that also separates the conversation area from the rest of the space. The oversized accessories make this fireplace seem larger than life and an effective addition to the spacious exterior of the home.

Contact Mark Scott Associates for Quality Outdoor Landscape Designs

Bring light and warmth into your landscape, but make sure that it blends well with your home and the rest of the area. To do this, consult with a professional at Mark Scott Associates. With a long history of design successes, professional accolades and awards, and a stunning portfolio, the expertise of Mark Scott Associates cannot be denied. Contact them to create your luxurious living space with outdoor fireplaces or other elements that you want to incorporate.