Incorporating a Swimming Pool Landscape into Your Design

You can still have professional landscape architecture integrated into your space if you have an existing swimming pool. You don’t have to give up your swimming space. In fact, professionals in landscape architecture can seamlessly add hardscaping and softscaping elements around the swimming pool landscape to make it blend into the space. Such expertise is essential to turn a backyard swimming space into an oasis.

An Infinity Swimming Pool Enhances Views

With an edgeless infinity swimming pool placed in the forefront of a stunning view, you can have a seamless integration of your backyard’s elements and the view. One instance of the effectiveness of how an infinity pool helps to improve the view is next to this outdoor lounge. The water draws the eye, which then moves upward to take in the view beyond.

Another instance of an infinity pool’s effectiveness in the landscape is this example at Benedict Canyon that includes small lights in the water, which replicates the starry night sky. 

Existing Pools Blended into New Landscaping Architecture

At this home, the homeowners had an existing pool with a looping waterway. They kept the swimming pool, water feature, and bridge. The landscape around it enhanced the appeal of the pool area to make it an inviting place for guests to gather in conversation or for lounging. The use of a fire pit beside the water feature creates a cozy seating space, enhanced by the loop of the waterway.

Improving the Appearance of a Standard Swimming Pool with Fountains

A standard swimming pool does not have to be boring. In fact, adding water features to interact with the pool improves the area in many ways. First, the arching water spouts add drama to the space. The sound of water striking the surface provides comforting background noise. Lastly, lights and fountains turn the swimming pool into an aesthetic water feature when not used for its original purpose.

Make Your Pool a Well-Integrated Part of Your Landscape with Expert Help

Don’t give up your pool for a great-looking backyard. Contact us at Mark Scott Associates, Inc. for professional design of your space’s landscape that includes your pool. Get a swimming area that you will feel proud to show off as a stunning example of quality landscape architecture. It’s possible with help from Mark Scott Associates, Inc.