Mark Scott Associates Landscape Architects

MSA has been practicing landscape architecture for over 30 years. With wide ranging experience and  determination, we have had the opportunity to design projects throughout California as well as  nationally. Our philosophy has always been to maintain a creative eye, courageous vision, and to deliver  the quality that has come to be expected of Mark Scott Associates

When the concepts of aesthetics, interaction, and illusion are applied appropriately, harmony in design will result


A balance of creative energy and sensible solutions


We facilitate the vision and make certain for a successful culmination of ideas


For over 25 years, we have designed and been recognized for residential and commercial gardens


We aspire to provide the most sustainable “green” application to a site, plant, hardscape and water conservation within the design process

Residential Landscapes

Our residential landscape designs are a testament to our dedication to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. Discover how we’ve enhanced the beauty and functionality of homes, creating outdoor retreats that captivate the senses and elevate everyday living.

Hospitality Landscapes

Step into a world of inviting and captivating landscapes designed to enchant and delight guests. Our portfolio showcases how we’ve infused hospitality spaces with a perfect blend of design and function, crafting living landscapes that provide a haven of relaxation and escape.

Commercial & Industrial Projects

Explore our portfolio of commercial and industrial projects, where we’ve seamlessly integrated green spaces to enhance the overall image and functionality of various properties. See how we’ve added value, allure, and a touch of nature to these spaces, enticing prospects and promoting longer stays on-site.

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