Get Serious About Your Grilling with an Upgrade to an Outdoor Barbecue Center

Do you love to grill? Become serious about your cooking space with a professionally designed outdoor barbecue center that will be both functional and beautiful. Find out how you can upgrade from a basic grill in your backyard to a modern outdoor kitchen and barbecue center that you’ll want to use all year long for entertaining and cooking.

Outdoor Kitchen or Barbecue Center

An outdoor kitchen or barbecue center can be as complex or simple as you want it. For instance, this kitchen opens to the outside, making it a service spot for entertaining inside or poolside. This outdoor kitchen space at Whaler’s Bluff includes a living area with a fireplace next to a bar and a full barbecue grill. However, you can also opt for a fully separated outdoor cooking area and barbecue spot or a swim-up spot that puts your diners next to your barbecue grilling site.

Dining Outside Near or Far from the House

The outdoor barbecue area can be near the dining spot or by the pool. These cooking and eating areas may be attached to the home or located farther away. The amount of space you have available and how you want to use your barbecue area will help your landscape architect to plan the best placement for the dining and barbecuing spaces in your yard.

By Manufacturer or Custom-Designed Barbecue Centers

When choosing barbecue centers, you can opt for versions based on your preferred manufacturer or pick a custom design. You will have the chance to provide input into what you want for your barbecue area, including the type of grill and accessories you want, how you want it arranged, and where. Your landscape architect will use this information with a professional eye for hardscape and softscape design to properly integrate your outdoor barbecue space into your yard.

Contact Mark Scott Associates for a Professionally Designed Outdoor Barbecue Center

You deserve to have the best equipment and space for cooking when you want to grill outside. Forget about using chairs to hold meat waiting for its spot on the grill. With an upgrade to a barbecue center, you can have everything you need for cooking and grilling close at hand in your beautifully designed outdoor living space. Contact Mark Scott Associates to get started on your dream barbecue spot.