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Entry Approach

1. Beverly Hills traditional estate.


2. Spanish fountain enhances this Palos Verde Estates entry.


3. Formal fountains flank entry walk to the chatsworth Italian villa.



4. This tower element defines the house entry.


5. A grand entry supports this Crystal Cove mansion.


6. The detailed paving across drive defines the walk to front doors of this Beverly Hills home.


Entryway landscaping solutions tailored for your home

Your entryway is the focal point of your home and the first thing your guests see when coming. It should complement the personality of your place to make the ideal first impression. Whether it reflects minimalist, eccentricity, or classic features, front entryway design can do a lot.

If your entryway design doesn’t match your preferences, it’s time to upgrade it. Mark Scott Associates Inc. is your go-to for a jaw-dropping makeover. We have all it takes to create custom exterior entryway designs that will set the scene for the rest of your outdoor space.

We are here to take your entryway from bland-looking to the most welcoming one. When coming home, you will leave all your concerns behind, immersing yourself in an incredible atmosphere of comfort. Plus, if you are social, a well-designed front entryway can help you make connections with your neighbors.

Front entryway landscaping: Give tangible form to your dreams

Can’t stop scrolling down Pinterest searching for exterior design ideas you want to fulfill? No matter how fancy and sophisticated they are, Mark Scott Associates Inc. can make the best of them happen at your place.

We can transform your walkways to emphasize the overall style of your property. We can also surround them with lush green plants, flowers, and bushes to add a green touch.

Hardscapes can also boost your home front entrance design. Whether your place requires a classic touch of wood or decorative stone, we can make all those paved areas into stunning additions to your home.

We can make your outdoor space genuinely eye-catching with the best front yard landscaping practices. When planning your front entry design with Mark Scott Associates Inc., get ready to:

  • Share your walkway, driveway, and other ideas
  • Choose plants with your house’s orientation in mind
  • Achieve the desired privacy with shrubs and trees
  • Create perfect curb appeal with custom lighting solutions
  • Highlight your house’s unique style

Once your landscaping is perfect, it’s essential to ensure your front door is aligned with all the transformations so that it doesn’t look like a nasty dissonance. That’s where we can help you, too, by guiding your new door choice.

Invest in house design and front entrance landscaping for more monetary gains

If you don’t rule out the possibility of selling your house in the foreseeable future, invest in the exterior design of your front entry. It’s common knowledge that curb appeal can tip the worth scale of your property. So, by investing in the front-of-house entrance design, you’re adding value to your home when put up for sale.

Exterior design investments aren’t a whim but a win-win. They will make sure you live in a beautiful place and enjoy everything you see around. And when you decide to relocate, you know you won’t lose a penny because of the difficulty in finding buyers for the price you set.

Want to discuss your dream entryway landscaping project and get an estimate? Mark Scott Associates Inc. is all set to proceed!