Elements of Landscape Architecture – Scents

When looking at landscape architecture an understated design desire is that of plant material that gives a fragrance and attracts birds and butterflies. Not only do you experience your surroundings through your eyes, but your sense of smell as well. A  landscape architect knows how to create these sensual experiences and the other senses to produce an effectively comforting space.

Why Smell Is So Important to Landscape Architecture

Your nose provides you with a direct connection to memories because the processing for scents passes through the centers of the brain for memories and emotions. Smell has such a strong connection to emotions that it even is a part of modern marketing strategies used by hotels that have signature smells they deliver to rooms and lobbies of their properties.

Smell also impacts how you feel about the landscape. In fact, if you have a beautiful yard but can still smell exhaust from the road, you may not want to spend time there. While trees can help to offset the impacts of pollution on your property, carefully arranged aromatics can provide a more positive result in your landscape.

Smells in the Landscape

The senses that are engaged in the landscape can come from water features, earth, fire pits, flowers, or trees. The use of multiple sources of fragrance can ensure year-long enjoyment of the area. Fragrant flowers enhance the air during their blooming seasons, often in the spring and summer. Trees, such as evergreens, provide their year-round fragrance. Fire pits bring to mind campfires from childhood summers, connecting to memories of camping with family..

Examples of Scents and Visuals in the Landscape

Scents can transform a space from one that you want to avoid to one where you want to be. One way to use smell is through plants. For example, this fountain has fragrant star jasmine surrounding it, providing a floral aroma with the auditory appeal of running water.

In this example of a fountain, roses around the base add a boost of color and scent. Flowers in front of the seating area on the balcony also add a subtle sweet fragrance to the air.

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