Don’t Forget the Kids! How Children’s Play Equipment Can Fit into Your Space

If you have kids in your life, make sure to include their needs in your yard plans. Kids’ play equipment can include anything from simple swing sets to more complex jungle gyms and more. But just because you have a play area for your kids in your yard does not mean that you have to make your whole backyard into a playground. Consult with professional landscape architect Mark Scott to have the play equipment your kids need and the tasteful outdoor space you want.

The Importance of Play for Kids

Kids need time outside to play. In fact, the importance of outdoor play is so crucial for kids that Harvard Health outlined several benefits they get from it. Playing outside, especially with others, can help kids to improve their executive functioning, which will boost their ability to multitask, negotiate, plan, and troubleshoot when issues arise. Outdoor play also gives them a dose of vitamin D from sunshine, cardiovascular and strength exercising, socialization, and a chance to connect with nature. The last is especially likely if they play in an area with a beautifully planned landscape around their play space.

Types of Play Equipment

Play equipment should match the ages of the kids who will use it. Some playsets will allow kids from 2 to 12 to play on them while others have designs for older kids. Talk to your landscape architect about the ages and play needs of your kids. Then, look at your options from there.

Swings are a good option for a wide range of ages. But kids may become bored if they only have swings to play on. Consider integrating swings with a jungle gym or playground set that includes multiple play options, such as a slide, climbing equipment, and more.

Integrating Play Equipment into Your Yard

The job of making play equipment for your kids a seamless part of your yard is that of a landscape architect. Professional design of the softscape and hardscape elements around the play equipment keeps the play space safe and maintains your yard’s aesthetic.

Contact Mark Scott Associates to Have a Professional Landscape Architect Make Your Yard Fun for Kids and a Comfortable Place for Adults

Give your kids the place they need to play without sacrificing your ability to have a tastefully designed yard where you can spend time. Contact Mark Scott Associates to find out how an expert in landscape architecture can create the perfect balance in your yard of play equipment and aesthetically pleasing spaces.