Beautiful Outdoor Lounging with a Kitchen and Pool

Outdoor lounging areas should be more than simple outdoor living areas, consider it “indoor”-outdoors. Accessory structures are designed to accommodate a variety of functions that help with the other amenities,pools, spas, game areas to holistically involve the entire site , creating a wonderful outdoor living experience. However, outdoor lounges can also have kitchens and dining areas to bridge the interior and exterior of a home. For luxurious space where you can have a casual gathering or a laid-back evening at home, upgrade to outdoor lounge spaces with kitchens and pools.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

designing an outdoor kitchen

An outdoor lounging area that incorporates a kitchen automatically upgrades the space into an entertaining and dining area. The cooking appliances can include traditional outdoor grills. However, many people choose to upgrade to include full outdoor kitchens with indoor used appliances, sinks, ranges, preparation areas, and refrigerators. Having a fully-equipped cooking space precludes the need to return to the house for cooking or retrieving ingredients, keeping everyone closer together.

Additionally, outdoor kitchens don’t have to be completely outside. Often, they are located under a pavilion or inside a room with one or two walls that open to the exterior. This arrangement keeps the cooking equipment protected from the elements while making it conveniently located next to the outdoor lounge space.

Outdoor Lounging Areas with Pools

outdoor lounging with pool and kitchen

Pools near outdoor lounging areas can be standard swimming pools or lap pools. Regardless of the type of pool, the water provides a respite from the heat by offering a place to take a dip to cool off or get some adrenaline racing with some exercise.

Outdoor lounging areas that include pools are popular concepts. Even the magazine House Beautiful has provided readers with simple ideas for what to do with the area around a pool. These ideas only provide starting points, and they pale in comparison to the options that you can get from the advice of a landscaping architect who can customize the pool area to your home and your needs.

Kitchen and Pool Spaces

outdoor kitchen spaces

For outdoor lounges that have kitchens and pools, get inspiration from some of the examples in the portfolio from Mark Scott Associates, Inc. For instance, this home in Leesbury Court has a full dining room, kitchen, and living room opening directly out to a pool.

Another site in Benedict Canyon features an outdoor kitchen and dining area under a pavilion. This Whaler’s Bluff site includes an outdoor lounging space with a kitchen that overlooks a stunning on-site water feature and the coast nearby.

Use these sites as inspiration to see what a professional can do for your home’s outdoor kitchen and lounging area.

Get Advice on Creating an Outdoor Lounging Space in Your Home from Southern California’s Mark Scott Associates, Inc.

Outdoor lounging areas provide multi-use spaces. In Southern California, these areas have use for most of the year, making the choice to make a patio or yard into another living area a wise decision. Consult with Mark Scott Associates, Inc. for more information about how to get a professionally designed lounge area that includes a kitchen and pool and the landscaping to merge it into the rest of the yard.