Adding a Vine-Covered Pergola for Natural Shade and Sun

Pergolas are one form of outdoor covering for seating areas or other living spaces. These have several distinctions that make them different from pavilions and gazebos. In many cases, pergolas perfectly merge natural and manmade elements of the landscape with vines covering the tops. When used appropriately, you can enjoy the benefits of a pergola all year long.

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola consists of posts supporting a structure of beams and rafters on top. The space between the beams provides a small amount of shade. When you have vines grow over the top, the area beneath the pergola has a green shade that lasts as long as the vines remain leafy.

Often made of sturdy wood, pergolas provide an ideal addition to Mediterranean homes. Plus, they are perfect spots for dining next to outdoor kitchens.

The Advantages of a Vine-Covered Pergola in Your Outdoor Living Area

Using a pergola in your landscape creates a casual seating or dining space. The crossbeams on top allow some sun to come through without the harshness of full sunlight exposure. Plus, you can have a spot for extra greenery if you opt for vines covering the top to provide even more shade.

Examples of Pergolas in the Landscape

There are several ways that pergolas can contribute to the overall appearance of a landscape. Here are some examples from Mark Scott Associates’ portfolio:

Cooling Vines Over an Outdoor Nook

This outdoor nook uses vines to cover the top of the pergola. The greenery cools the area for a quiet spot of reflection in the larger yard. Statuary at the end of a linear space adds a focal interest and terminates the axis.

Seating Among Greenery

The seating area in this design features so much verdant growth the pergola is almost obscured beneath it. Sitting under so many trees and other growth can give a similar feeling to being out in nature. Plus, the plants provide a softer backdrop for the stone tile around the pool while framing the seating beneath the covered area.

Outdoor Dining

One of the most popular uses of these features is as spaces to distinguish outdoor dining areas. This design combines a pergola with dining beneath with a pavilion that has seating and an outdoor kitchen. The clean lines and design of the structures give it a blend of contemporary and Mediterranean styles.

Consult with Mark Scott Associates for Landscaping Design that Takes Advantage of Your Home and Space

If you want a vine-covered pergola or another covered seating area, consult with Mark Scott Associates to see how to best incorporate such a space into your landscape. The design of the area will also take into consideration the function, form, and practical caretaking needs of the area. For inspired outdoor seating areas under pergolas that merge with your home and surrounding plants, contact Mark Scott Associates.