Adding a Formal Garden with Roman Architrave, Fountain, and Runnel

Formal gardens with Roman architecture and water features create a soothing, calming space with order and tasteful design. This type of garden appeals to all the senses, for a luxurious retreat. Before settling on the minute details of a formal garden, get a full understanding of what architraves and runnels are and how they will impact the appearance of the landscape.

What Is a Formal Garden?

A formal garden, also known as a classical garden, has several features that make it distinctive from less structured types of layouts. For instance, a classical garden is based on an axial layout and symmetric forms. Structures, ie: pavilions, pergola, and conservatories will reinforce a desired garden layout.


Adding a Formal Garden with Roman Architrave, Fountain, and Runnel


What Is a Roman Architrave?

The use of classical landscape structures, such as Roman architraves, makes sense in a formal garden because these spaces have their inspiration in the Renaissance era, which took cues from Greek and Roman designs.

Many formal gardens incorporate colonnades. These rows of columns often have a top enclosing them. This top is the architrave. The entire piece can serve as a frame to another portion of the garden or as a portal to physically separate two sections of a classical garden.

What Is a Runnel?

A runnel is a small stream, a man made trough , that flows through a garden. It can connect to a fountain or other water features. In ancient times runnels served a practical purpose – irrigating gardens in Persia and Mesopotamia. However, today, runnels are decorative features that add the sound and sight of running water.

Why Include an Architrave, Fountain, and Runnel in a Formal Garden?

Combining a fountain and runnel makes sense for any garden space. Together in a classical garden, they heighten the auditory appeal and make the space feel cool and inviting. A Roman architrave provides structure and framing in the space. A formal garden that uses all three features elevates itself above a plain, unplanned area.

When choosing other elements for a formal garden, don’t rely only on your personal knowledge. Hire someone who can provide expert insight into landscaping design, architecture, and planning, and more.

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